FuegoCast #127: West Side Stories

The gang returns to quickly review the Fire's pre-season wins against Montreal and Miami FC, talk about the rumored new trialist, preview the entire Western Conference, and look ahead to this week's return of CONCACAF Champions League. 

Also, Eva remains out of the lineup for one more week, Sara remembers how to e-mail, Joey studies up on the wrong conference to preview, Nick stands up for one of his favorite colors again, Rudy and Joey offer up plenty of hot takes, Gregg talks about the best tackle of the weekend, and Nick wishes happy birthday to a hero. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Joey T
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 66:18

FuegoCast #126: A Preview of the Preview

The gang returns to discuss a grab bag of topics including chaos money for referees, Gregg shares his observations from the open practice, the gang checks in with their Hope Meter status, shares some league-wide hot takes, offer their grievances, and take a trip down memory lane reminiscing on the forwards who have worn the badge in recent years. 

Also, Eva is on a plane, Elle is recovering from kickpunching, Sara remains in parts unknown, Joey flexes his expertise on officiating while Nick has technological priorities straight, Joey notices the Fire's social media doesn't present the team in the best light, the gang continues to wait for the opportune time to make certain jokes of a back up fullback's name, Nick and Joey almost kill Gregg with a prediction, and the silly gets a little out of control at the end.

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Joey T
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 53:59

FuegoCast #126: Dax Gonna Give it to Ya

The gang is back! Gregg and Rudy are high on Dax, Eva provides sanity checks, we talk the super draft, Bava, and possible future moves. Gregg is worried about Nelson's health, Rudy giggles at the Red Bull fans while Eva denies Will Johnson. Also we get real tired real fast. 

Nick had to sit this one out due to work chaos but yet checks in via text.

Host: Gregg Mixdorf

Panelists: Eva Hall, Rudy Gomez

Producer: Gregg Mixdorf

TRT: 51:26

FuegoCast #125: Beautiful Persons

The gang returns to discuss the new signings of Nemanja Nikolic and Juninho, the season and home opener dates, address two transfer rumors, quickly look at some league signings, and break down Liga MX's La Gran Final.

Also, Nick reports in live from the studio, Rudy and Eva are away at the fascist wrestling, Joey and Sara are in Parts Unknown, Elle has a theory about the new DP signing, Nick talks trash about his doppleganger, Elle has a specific use for people from Columbus, Gregg knows the value of signing a Mexican player, Elle subs out early as Gregg gets protective about her podcast availability, and Gregg rails against MLS writers. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelist: Elle Harrer
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 60:46

FuegoCast #124: Expired Milk

The gang returns to talk about the Sean Johnson trade to Atlanta then to NYCFC, look over the Fire's Protected List, Rudy breaks a rumor, then the gang break down the possible overseas forward signings, review the MLS Cup final, and preview the Liga MX Gran Final and Club World Cup. 

Also, Eva returns to the show, Elle has work to do, Sara remains in Parts Unknown, Rudy hates a certain Christmas carol, the gang ponder what might have been, a dinner party can be heard in the background in Fuego HQ, Eva breaks Gregg's heart by admitting to not watching Liga MX, Gregg and Joey come up with a nickname for Seattle's coach while the gang discusses the Dad factor of certain coaches, Nick is apparently the only one who enjoyed the Final, and Rudy still does not like a certain right back.

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Joey T, Eva Hall
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 53:31

FuegoCast #123: The Sixteen Million Dollar Man

The gang returns after a break to review Player Insanity 2016: Off-Season Edition as a number of player contract options were picked up and declined, look at the rumors of Bastian Schweinsteiger joining the club, touch on the skirmish between Gonzalo Segares and the Front Office, discuss the MLS Cup Conference Finals and Liga MX playoffs, and quickly mention the problems facing the New York Cosmos and NASL. 

Also, Rudy joins the show in the nick of time, the ladies are in various parts unknown, Joey saws wood in the background, Gregg has a bit of a cough, the gang marvel in playoff filth, Joey nitpicks the officiating again, Nick bids farewell to a podcast legend, and Joey gets Nick to share some Foley secrets. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Joey T
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 64:55

FuegoCast #122: Comforts of Home

The gang returns to talk MLS Playoffs results from the Knockout Round and Leg 1 of the Conference Semi-Finals and give a mention to the Nelson Rodriguez press interview. 

Also, Nick is in the Halloween spirit, most of the gang is out trick-or-treating, Nick doesn't remember penalties, and Gregg wants to see a Titans of Filth clash. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelist: Rudy Gomez
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 59:46

FuegoCast #121: Axe of Judgement

The gang returns for the season ending show to quickly review the last three results of the season, decide whether to Keep or Drop the entire roster, have a quick chat about CONCACAF Champions League, review the pre-season predictions, and make predictions for the post-season as well. 

Also, Nick is ready for the show, Joey and Elle are in Parts Unknown, Eva is swamped with work, Sara subs out early, Nick drops some harrowing stats, Rudy winds up his catapult, Nick invites Gregg to the defensive dark side, Nick claims there's room in town for only one of him, and Nick interrupts the analysis to make a tasty beverage. We went deep into Extra Time with this one, folks. Grab a snack and an extra drink to make it through this one. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelist: Rudy Gomez
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 112:57

Quick and Filthy: Tombstone

This painfully idiotic season has come to a close in appropriate fashion. 

The Fire get on the board first. All credit to Alvarez and de Leeuw for taking advantage of the shoddy defense. Michael Bradley was incredibly lazy and didn't bother to do his man marking. Also the goal keeper should have kept his legs closed. 

Toronto earn a penalty as Joao steps on Gio's foot and gets an atomic reaction from the diminutive dynamo. It is easily slotted past McLain. 

McLain got his first start in goal at the MLS level. One of the few forward thinking moves of the final three games. His inexperience showed as he got caught in no man's land against one of the league's best. He didn't embarrass himself but the lack of making a play on the original ball cost him this goal. 

The third Toronto goal is less about Toronto and more about how badly Joao covers and communicates with Jonathan Campbell. Campbell's touch lets him down as he turns the ball over. He drifts capably back to his defensive position but does not get ball side on his man. Joao effectively does nothing and Campbell is again left cleaning up the messes of his more senior partner. He can not do so and McLain is beaten again. 

The Fire pull one back and try to make this look respectable. A nice ball from Campbell to a fresh Calistri(!) who then slots it to Vincent. Vincent one times an excellent cross that goes off the back of Cocis' head. The ball finds its way to Goosens and he slots it home. Nice finish but the more impressive part of this play was Calistri's touch and Vincent's cross. 

Quick and Filthy: Mostly Good

Second part of the catch up as we look at Chicago vs New England 10/16/16. A game the Revolution desperately needed to win.

The Fire open the scoring after a solid string of passes ends up with Alvarez to Accam back to Alvarez who slots it to de Leeuw who deftly finishes in the upper corner. Absolutely atrocious man marking from New England. de Leeuw is completely unmarked at the near post. 

Sean Johnson tried to help out New England. Sean's hesitation is compounded by a bad decision to pass it to Polster. This pass ends up being wide of Polster and leaves everyone flat footed as New England is now on the attack. Joao adds nothing as Campbell makes a great sliding tackle that unfortunately bounces to a wide open Fagundez whose shot inexplicably beats Sean Johnson to the near post. Perhaps Sean can pass it to his right next time. 

Jonathan Campbell is very good. He keeps the ball alive on the sideline and hits a wonderful over the top ball for David to run onto. David almost trips over his own feat but regains his balance and hits a wonderful strike to put the now down a man Fire ahead for good. 

Quick and Filthy: Comedy and Quality

Playing catch up here after time away. We start with the 10/13/16 game versus Columbus. 

The opening goal is nothing but a comedy of errors. First off Arturo starts us off with a RIDICULOUSLY bad turnover. An under cooked ball to Kapplehof puts the Fire defense in a bad but not unrecoverable position. That is until Joao decides to come to the ball leaving his man completely wide open. A fundamentally stupid decision as Campbell was there to slow the entire play down with help arriving shortly. We are now left with Sean Johnson as the last line of defense. He doesn't leave his six to cut down the angle and promptly gets five-holed for the goal. This was a gift, wrapped in bright shiny paper. 

Our first goal for the Fire in this match comes on a deft chip from Michael Parkhurst. One of the nicest own goals you will ever see. This all develops because Arshakyan can't control the ball and it goes off his knee right to Parkhurst. No one looked good except for Alvarez as he hit a nice ball. 

The Fire take the lead through some solid offensive play. You can see the quality build up play from Cocis, Solignac, and Polster. Polster's big swing pass is well hit and the best option he has. The overlapping run for Kapplehof forces the second defender to remain honest as Alvarez beats his man into the box.  Arturo hits a nice pass behind the defenders that de Leeuw finishes with ease. Quality work from all involved. 

More offensive quality comes from Columbus this time. They get the results from an Adam Jahn wonder strike after a contested pass sneaks through to him. Hard to fault the Fire defense on this one. 

Quick and Filthy - Lacking effort

David Accam showcases his poor approach to defending set pieces. While Afful's shot should have been saved by Sean Johnson, David's lackadaisical run at Afful allows the shot to be struck easily. Brandon Vincent is farther away and almost gets there in time. To add insult to injury David peels off before the shot is taken.

The second goal is from the run of play.  Notably off a Sean Johnson goal kick that looks like a pass intended for Justin Meram instead of someone in a Fire shirt. David Accam's lack of hustle is noted here as he doesn't go after Sean's wayward goal kick. Take a good look at Fire #7 John Goosens and note he does not track back to defend Meram after the pass. You can see Kappelhof point at Meram and call out the coverage. You can argue this was for Thiam but Goosens trotting in the park leaves everyone out to dry. 

Goosens defensive embarrassment continues as he takes a bad angle to make a goal saving tackle after being even with the player as the ball is passed. All credit to John for tracking back with gusto and attempting to make a defensive play. The same can not be said for several Fire players post set piece. Another lazy track back from David Accam is notable as he has speed to burn and should have been more involved in the play.

Quick and Filthy - Turnstyle #11

David Accam is not a good defender. This play illustrates his issues with zonal marking and overall defensive communication. We assume a lack of communication since Meara and Solignac are oblivious to the oncoming disaster behind them. Campbell is screened off while Cocis is defending the near post. 

Of note is how de Leeuw puts a body on his man. Instructive as to how David should have handled Marshall. 

At this point I am no longer surprised to see such simple breakdowns in the defensive scheme. In particular from one of our weakest defensive players. 

FuegoCast #119: Mikey Mo' Money, Mikey Mo' Problems

The gang returns to discuss the Fire's 4-1 loss at New York City FC, look at the faulty lineup selection, preview CONCACAF Champions League, look at the recent Red Stars win and preview the NWSL playoffs, and finally quickly preview the matches at Seattle and Columbus if it really matters at this point.

Also, Rudy is gross, Nick is melting in LA, Sara reports the truth about babies, Sara sneaks tacos into her room and forgets she's on mute again, Mad Gregg returns to spew about Nelson and Pauno, Sara channels her Liga MX background, The gang confuses their Liga MX coaches and drug cartel leaders, Nick gives a depressing stat, Gregg calls out Nick when he falsely claims to edit out time wasting, Gregg gets defensive about claiming ten-day-old children, Nick does not like change to his prediction spreadsheets, and Nick blames the fans. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Sara Corona
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 65:27

FuegoCast #118: Pauno Problems

The gang returns to discuss the Fire's 2-1 home loss to Toronto FC including *that* goal, look at Vejlko Paunovic's coaching abilities, preview Friday's home game against D.C. United, run down the return of CONCACAF Champions League, break down the MLS Supporters Shield race, and Rudy reports on some Liga MX chaos. 

Also, the ladies are in Parts Unknown, Nick continues to work in the audio mines, Joey reacts live to the second Toronto goal, the gang are in various emotional states, Gregg has trouble with the CONCACAF website, Gregg didn't get the Landon Donovan Bandwagon memo, Joey's phone buzzes, Joey shares a story of filth and adorableness, and the gang struggle to find outlets for their soccer addiction. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Joey T
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 58:34

FuegoCast #117: It's Good to Have Goals in Life

The gang returns to discuss the Fire's 3-0 home win against Philadelphia, look at the imminent decision regarding Luis Solingac's 2017 contract, preview the weekend game against Toronto FC, Nick reports on the Red Stars' 2-2 draw against Seattle, and the gang breathe a sigh a relief over avoiding the Cubo Torres situation.

Also, Elle and Sara are in Parts Unknown, Joey does not like the recording start time, Rudy appreciates having goals in life, Eva loses the call, Gregg laments the win causing a lack of ranting, and Rudy wants more taco trucks.

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Eva Hall
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 42:22

FuegoCast #116: Ghosts of Fire Past

The gang returns to discuss the Fire's 2-2 draw-loss against Los Angeles, the 6-2 defeat at D.C. United, discuss the Khaly Thiam red card, talk quickly about a Liga MX signing, preview the game at home against Philadelphia, and talk a little CONCACAF Champions League

Also, Nick reports live from Chicago, Elle eats beans during the beginning of the podcasts then describes what soccer is, Elle makes "D" jokes, Elle blows the whistle on a spy organization, Nick addresses his real last name, Elle is Nick's drumstick hookup, Rudy had a bad Sunday, Gregg revives the memory of a recent forward, and the podcast just devolves into general chaos. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Elle Harrer
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 68:38

FuegoCast #115: The One About the Road Win

The gang returns to discuss the Fire's streak ending 3-0 victory at Montreal, look at the chances for a playoff spot, preview Wednesday night's home game against the Los Angeles Galaxy, preview Saturday's game at D.C. United, and bumble around trying to find other things to talk about.

Also, Joey has that feeling again, Gregg burns the house down, Joey has a suggestion for the stadium crew, Rudy speculates on John Goossens' tattoos, Joey continues to jump the gun on making predictions, the gang desires a miserable day for a certain opponent's fans, the gang predicts the end of the world, the gang calls out Nick's homerism for his prediction, Rudy shares a story of the biggest trampoline in the country, and the gang shares their dinner plans. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Joey T
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 56:39

FuegoCast #114: Ov Fire and the Void

The gang returns to discuss the Fire's season ending 3-1 Open Cup Semi-Final loss at New England, Sunday's 2-2 draw against Orlando City that apparently happened, rail against head coach Vejlko Paunovic's decisions to not #playthekids, glance at the rumors of the team sale, and preview Saturday's game at Montreal. 

Also, Gregg calls in live from Elle's headquarters, Elle corrects the book from which Gregg suggests Paunovic reads, everyone has something to rant about, Nelson Rodriguez feels the heat, Rudy is an omnipresent being, Elle compares the team to a certain soccer related movie franchise, Gregg names his fantasy manager for next season, Elle compares and contrasts fashion of possible future Fire managers, Rudy keeps tabs on a former Fire player, and Rudy shares a story of our patron saint Cuauhtemoc Blanco's alleged financial dark arts. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Elle Harrer
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 64:03