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FuegoCast #166: Routine Checkup

The gang reluctantly returns to discuss the Fire’s recent 1-0 win against Columbus, take a look at the team overall one month into the season, and preview Saturday’s game against the Galaxy.

Also, the gang yields to Nick’s demand to check in, Gregg forgot to hit record the first time losing a great first segment and series of puns to the digital abyss, Gregg reveals our coach is a mad lunatic, Ellen has a new coach dislike metric, Nick gets paternal protective over a squad player, Nick smashes that panic button, Ellen calls out a Bad Taek from Rudy, and Nick commandeers the show and ends it when other entertainment hits its peak. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Ellen Harrer
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 41:07

FuegoCast #134: To Infinity and Beyond

The gang returns to review the Fire's 2-2 draw against Montreal, continue to discuss necessary roster moves, travel Around the League, touch on the implications of this week's CONCACAF Champions League results, and preview Saturday afternoon's match against Columbus.

Also, Joey is a late scratch, Elle is at work, Eva and Sara reside in Parts Unknown, Nick has cosplay ideas for Michael Harrington, Nick has radical lineup ideas, Gregg was high on wrestling over the weekend, Nick coins a term for one of the highly anticipated matches from the weekend, Gregg coins a term for fan nostalgia towards ex-players, and Nick picks up on a wrestling joke.

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelist: Rudy Gomez
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 57:42

FuegoCast #101: Drawing a Blank

The gang returns to discuss the Fire's most recent 0-0 draw, this time at New York City FC, review the results around the rest of MLS, preview the home match against Montreal, delve back into Player Insanity to address the recent rumors, and answer a quick bit of Huddalis.

Also, Rudy is subjecting himself to baseball for some reason, Joey is looking good wearing a suit at the Fire Foundation Associates board meeting, Sara forgets which match to review, the ladies are ready to commit to Paunovic, Elle doesn't trust Mark Geiger, Nick sees a simulation of himself on a professional soccer field, Elle gets creeped out by fingers, Nick kills Gregg and angers Elle in the predictions segment again, and a podcast legend hypothetically gets drafted into the Fire lineup. 

Host: Gregg Mixdorf
Panelists: Elle Harrer, Sara Corona
Producer: Nick Fedora

TRT: 53:58

FuegoCast #82: El Rey de CONCACAF

The gang returns to mostly ignore the recent Fire news, break down Mexico's 3-2 CONCACAF Cup victory over the United States, discuss the coaching situations for Mexico and the United States, and take a general look at the MLS Playoff picture and Supporters Shield race. Also, Gregg reports on behalf of Nick from the CONCACAF Cup, Sara joins the call like she usually does, then the gang previews the upcoming wrestling shows and corresponding podcast, share their love for Nick who is probably getting frustrated with the episode, and swap photos on the chat that thankfully none of you will ever see.

There really isn't anything much to talk about, folks.

Host: Gregg Mixdorf Panelist: Rudy Gomez, Sara Corona Producer: Nick Fedora

Download: Fuego Ep. 82