Podcast de mi Vida #1: Pilot

Welcome to Podcast de mi Vida, a continuation of the old Hot Cast at the new site.  The gang is back to restart things off with the return of Player Insanity: Offseason edition, review the other big moves around the rest of the league, and preview the season ahead. Also, Rudy Gomez misses the first episode, Tweed Thornton joins us on loan from Hot Time In Old Town and continues to mispronounce names, Nick Fedora joins the call late via Skype phone, Gregg starts cursing after Nick joins the call for some reason, and Stephen Piggott's Twitter reading segment was cut as he summoned a horrible amount of static through his phone.

Host: Gregg Mixdorf Panelists: Tweed Thornton, Stephen Piggott Producer: Nick Fedora

[audio http://fuegodemivida.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/fuego-ep-1.mp3]