AS IT HAPPENED: CCL: Leg 2 Seattle vs Santos

Tonight Seattle travels to Mexico where they need to score at least two goals to advance. Oh yeah it is 95 degrees in Torréon at Estadio Corrona tonight. HELLO~! Lets do this:

Second: Old man Joseph takes a seat for a bit after banging heads. GET THAT MAN A CARDIGAN.

Seventh: Eddie Johnson blasts the ball way over the bar from just out side of the six yard box. He was open and had a great chance to at least put it on frame. Shockingly bad play from Johnson.

Ninth: ZAKUANI A SWING AND A MISS FROM INSIDE THE SIX YARD BOX. Seattle is getting chances but is unable to do anything with them. What is going on here? THE PANAMANIAC Baloy did get one of his massive legs in the way but still that was very embarrassing for Zakuani.

Seattle is controlling play and getting service in from outside the box. Really encouraging start for them. High pressure is helping Seattle win the ball back.

Thirteenth: Osvaldo gets a ball off the throw in and a poor first touch lets him down. He was looking to shoot from the top of the box but strangely wasn't able to control the ball. Another opportunity for a possible shot on goal missed.

Fourteenth: Baloy gets service in from the right flank and heads the ball just wide. He was open.

Seventeenth: Mario Martinez hits the ball from distance right at Oswaldo Sanchez who can't control the ball and it goes out for a corner.  The corner comes in right at THE UNMARKED ARTHRITIC BONES OF SHALRIE JOSEPH AND HE HEADS IT HIGH ABOVE THE BAR! Get the old man his compression socks and maybe a back brace.

Twentieth: Zack Scott takes down Gomez on a long ball. Scott gets very lucky and gets just a yellow card. He was the last man. Could have been a red but admittedly would have been harsh.

Twenty-First: GOAL GOMEZ! He hits in the rebound header after an amazing free kick from Quintero that may have actually gone in and the replay indicates it did. All credit to Gomez as he was the first man in and hammers it home. SEATTLE DEFENSE BE LAZY YO.

HEH! Quintero, who was incredible last leg, basically said "fuck your stupid start we are going to score on your asses". Quintero does get credit for the goal instead of Gomez. Admittedly this doesn't change much for Seattle. Still need two goals to advance and would win on the away goal tie breaker.

Twenty-Fourth: Zakuani gets into the box on a bouncing long ball. He rips it high and wide of goal. CHALLENGE THE KEEPER. Seattle's attempts on goal have been embarrassing so far. If I was one of their fans I'd be furious right now. Thankfully I'm not.

Twenty-Ninth: A long ball down the middle and Gonzalez plays Peralta onside who tries to chip the oncoming Gspurning but it goes wide. That might have sealed advancement.

Thirtieth: Great shot of Baloy and Johnson yapping at each other. THE PANAMANIAC DOES NOT TOLERATE THAT KIND OF BULLSHIT EDDIE.

Thirty-Fourth: Gomez gets in easily behind Scott and rips a shot into the side netting. Another good chance.

This game is a lot of fun if you like up and down soccer where chances are seemingly flowing like water. The finishing is leaving a bit to be desired.

Thirty-Fifth: Quintero easily beats Yedlin and puts in a dangerous cross that is gobbled up by Gspurning.

Thirty-Seventh: Zakuani gets into the box and this time Sanchez comes out to defend. He tries to play it back but it gets deflected.  A shot eventually comes in that is cut out by the defense. Sanchez was back in goal by then.

Thirty-Ninth: Alex Caskey creates a bit of space for himself at the top of the box. His shot is, say it with me, HIGH AND WIDE. Does anyone want to challenge Oswaldo tonight?

Forty-Third: Quintero gets into the box of a nice little flick from Peralta. HE HITS THE POST! The rebound goes right to Peralta who puts it high! Can't believe Peralta didn't finish that. Zack Scott appears to be part of management as he is telling all the Santos players that he has an open door policy. A policy they are clearly utilizing to the hilt.


Santos had like three chances and put one on frame.  Seattle had like 6 chances and put 1 on frame that Sanchez shakily just fumbled out of bounds. Seattle needs to start putting shots on goal if they want to even think about trying to do this. Abysmal finishing from them tonight so far.

Second half is underway!

Forty-Seventh: Terrible cross from Caskey to start this offensive half off for Seattle. When I say terrible I mean that cross went to absolutely no one.

Forty-Eight: Eddie Johnson to Zakuani who hits a great through ball to Alonso who rips his shot right at Sanchez who makes a very nice save. No one was following the run for Seattle so the rebound, which was there, wasn't followed up on.

Fox is not giving me a clock this half so my minutes are going to be way off

Fifty-First: Quintero on the counter with Peralta and Gomez on the wings. He wasn't able to find Peralta on the left. Unfortunate as that looked dangerous.

Yay the clock is back. Way to get your graphics game on point FSC.

Fifty-Third: Zakuani zig zags into the box and tries to lay the ball off to Johnson but it is deflected away by the foot of the defender.

Fifty-Fourth: Calderon shoots from distance but Gspurning is there to save. No rebound either.

Fifty-Ninth: Mauro Rosales on Mario Martinez off.

Sixty-First: Lamar Neagle on Eddie Johnson off. Johnson looks to have a knock. Smart sub as Seattle's league form is abysmal and they are thirty minutes away from getting eliminated from CCL action.

Sixty-Second: Calderon crosses it in for Estrada who tries to cut it back to the center of the box but it is cut out by the Seattle defense. Good ideas there from Santos. This game has calmed down in the last ten minutes. Santos just trying to grind this out right now.

Sixty-Third: Santos sub. Candido Ramirez on Nestor Calderon off.

Sixty-Fifth: Yedlin with a mazy little run to get free for a cross but he overhits Joseph who may or may not have been sitting in the COMFY CHAIR inside the box with his smoking jacket on.

Sixty-Sixth: Rosales gets a yellow for a rather weak, late challenge.

Sixty-Seventh: No lie it looked like Scott was trying to score off a header from Baloy. The announcer says "Scott flailed at it". I LOLed hard.

Sixty-Eighth: Rosales wins a free kick off a good tackle. BAD CALL BY THE REF FOR THE AWAY TEAM. Is this the CONCACAF I know and love?

Seventy-First: Zack Scott with an absolutely terrible long pass to Rosales which predictably goes out of bounds. Scott is not having the best of nights.

Seventy-Second: Shalrie Joseph with a terrible pass and he really needs to come off the pitch. It is ninety plus degrees out and frankly you shouldn't leave a seventy year old man in that heat.

Seventy-Third: GOAL NEAGLE~! Yedlin hits a long ball over the top down the right wing. Baloy gets bumped off the ball by Neagle! Neagle cuts it back to Zakuani in the box whose shot gets stuffed by Sanchez. Wait there is Neagle! He buries the rebound. GAME ON!

I'm in disbelief that the mighty PANAMANIAC got dumped by Lamar Neagle. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? This should be a great final fifteen minutes.

Seventy-Seventh: Seattle sub. Sammy Ochoa on Steve Zakuani off. Caskey tried to make a quick pass to Joseph expecting the old man to run. HAHAHA. Not happening.

Seventy-Eighth: Traore with a great tackle on the edge of the box! Completely dispossessing Peralta (?).

Seventy-Ninth: OFFSIDES. NO GOAL. Correct call. Peralta got free and found a man who was a half step ahead of Yedlin. So very close. OH SHIT NOW THE CROWD IS AWAKE!

Eighty-First: Corner for Seattle. Great work by Rosales to win it. Mauro takes the corner. Great cross that goes all the way across back to man just outside the box. Ball gets crossed back in and Traore heads it right at Sanchez. Replay indicates it came off Djimi's shoulder. WOW. That could have pushed Seattle through.

Ochoa is really working hard to put pressure on the Santos back line and Sanchez. He helps in a throw in.

Eighty-Sixth: Seattle with some possession, Rosales whips in a cross by Caskey hits his header so far wide. I'm not sure why Seattle isn't throwing everybody forward. One goal here and they advance to the final via the away goal tie breaker.

Eighty-Seventh: Joseph shoots from distance. It goes wide. Seattle is now starting to push their guys up and Santos is clearly ceding possession. Wait I spoke to soon.

Eighty-Eighth: Gomez gets the ball from Quintero and puts his shot well wide of the net. Great build up from Peralta there.

Eighty-Ninth: Santos sub. Mario Cardenas on Darwin Quintero off. Rosales and Yedlin work a great one two. Rosales gets into the box and his cross is cleared away.

Nintieth: Seattle earns a corner and the corner is cleared and then Zack Scott fouls Gomez like a fucking idiot. Exciting finish here! Hilariously Sanchez is not taking the goal kicks right now. Baloy is. WIERD.


Ninety-Second: Yedlin passes the ball to a running into the box Ochoa but the ball gets caught in his feet. Cleared for a long throw in. Scott takes the throw in and it ends up on Neagle's head but his header goes wide.

Ninety-Third: Gonzalez with a stupid foul on Peralta giving away a free kick just outside the box. DUMB.  That might kill the rest of this game off.

Ninety-Fourth: Seattle earn possession with about thirty seconds left in stoppage. A couple of throw-ins earned but nothing comes of them. FINAL WHISTLE.

Wow that final fifteen minutes was drama filled. Seattle showed some fightback so kudos to them. Not sad they lost but way to make a game out of it. I thought this would be a bloodbath and it wasn't.

See you tomorrow for the second leg of LA vs Monterrey.