AS IT HAPPENED: CCL Leg 2 Los Angeles vs Monterrey

The Galaxy, after being the better team for 80 minutes last week, have to win by two to advance to the finals. CAN THEY DO IT? Fun times ahead in Monterrey! THE MOST IMPORTANT TOURNAMENT IN ALL THE WORLD continues TONIGHT! Suazo, de Nigris, Keane, MIKE MAGEE. This game is full of great players. DONOVAN GETS THE START. His first start back after his career recess, IN MEXICO. Hopefully king Rudo Donovan shows up tonight. Rudoing like he is a member of LOS GRINGOS LOCOS. Can we get a pose down between Donovan and Suazo? No?


I hope Magee comes off the bench and scores three to win this thing. I love you Monterrey but my man crush on Mike Magee is stronger.

Roberto Mareno of Panama is our referee. Full house in ESTADIO TECHNOLOGICAL. Seventy-Four degrees tonight. The crowd is booing and whistling already. Hopefully at Landon.

Lets do this!

First: ahhh my ears, Brian Dunseth is on color tonight. JP Delecamera is on play by play. SPANISH ANNOUNCE FEED WHERE ARE YOU? Great atmosphere from the Monterrey fans. Already in full voice. Singing and drums can be heard clearly. WAY TO GO MONTERREY FANS!

Fifth: Ayovi has a pass cut out. LA looking spry defensively tonight. Both teams are UP for this game. Good energy so far.

Sixth: Sarvis runs over his man down the right flank and gets a foul called. Update on Magee: He has soreness in his right leg. OK that is more understandable.

Eighth: Stephens dribbles in, cuts over and takes a long shot from distance. It whistles high and wide. Stephens showing his willingness to shoot is going to cause the defense to close him down. Good start for him.

Tenth: Donovan hits a crap cross from the right wing but it is headed out for a corner.

Eleventh: First corner attempt goes near post, headed out for a corner. Next corner headed out for a throw in. Franklin receives the throw in and hits a terrible cross right at the keeper.

Dear MLS Squads. You can beat teams from Mexico with great set pieces. You will get a ton of corner opportunities and you, generally speaking, have the bigger boddies. Please work on your set pieces. I just saw three not very good crosses into the box. Dom Kinnear is crying somewhere. Does that make you happy? (It probably does because Kinnear is an asshole).

Thirteenth: Long ball almost catches LA unaware. Cudicini looks fragile in the back. He has not inspired much confidence this year.

Fifteenth: High boot from Franklin near Chupete's head. Amazingly there is no call. FUCK YOU SEAN FRANKLIN.

Sixteenth: Donovan hits his first legitimately terrifying cross of the game. It finds the head of Leonardo who gets called for a foul since he CLIMBED the defender. Great cross from Donovan.

Seventeenth: Delagarza gets the ball with space in front of him at the top of the box and he cuts it back? Weird decision. He is going to want that back when he sees the tape. Later in this minute Sean Franklin eats an elbow under the chin from Basanta. I assume that is for putting his foot near Chupete's face.

Twentieth: de Nigris plays a ball into space but Suazo was not making the run. Disappointing from them.

Monterrey is having their typical slow start. LA needs to score early as Monterrey IS going to get better as the game goes on.

Twenty-First: Corner for LA. It was better than the previous two and somehow ends up at Leonardo's feet and he blasts a shot high. Better but still not dangerous enough.

Twenty-Fourth: Monterrey have just had a nice spell of possession. Omar Gonzalez has been KING SIZED for LA as he is shutting down anything that gets near him. I do want to point out that at the start of games Monterrey is not hard to figure out offensively. Ayovi, de Nigris and Suazo are really the only threats. They have some great subs that add an offensive dimension late in the game.

Twenty-Seventh: de Nigris somehow squeaks through off a broken play. Gonzalez does everything he can outside of fouling him to make things hard. de Nigris blasts his shot wide. AYE AYE. Golden opportunity for Monterrey.

Twenty-Eight: Clearance from the defender goes right off Keane and Ibarra is forced into a save. Weird play.

Thirty-First: ANOTHER CORNER FOR THE GALAXY. Omar Gonzalez is huge, someone find him in the box. DONOVAN FINDS GONZALEZ. It falls weirdly to his feet, he finds it and slaps it towards goal. IBARRA WITH THE SAVE! Ball gets weakly cleared to the outside of the box. Juninho shoots but Ibarra easily collects that. First good opportunity of the night for LA. There are goals available from set pieces for them.

Thirty-Fourth: Cardozo on the wing finds Suazo at the spot uncontested and CHUPETE SCUFFS THE SHOT! Wow.

Thirty-Fifth: Chupete chips it into de Nigris who heads it to Ayovi. It is just behind Ayovi and as he tries to flick the ball to himself it hits his hand. Unfortunate break as Ayovi was wide open. SERIOUSLY GALAXY MARK AYOVI. NOT HARD.

Thirty-Sixth: Cardozo hits a terrible cross right at Delagarza. If this guy was better Monterrey would have a few more chances. LA looking very vulnerable in the last few minutes. Ayovi and Suazo are starting to impose their will on the midfield.

Thirty-Eighth: Bad Monterrey turnover gives the ball to LA. They have a bit of possession and Keane gets the ball at the top of the box. He tries to run through a defender and predictably throws his hands in the air and starts screeching and gestures with arms extended. KEANE YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS. He keeps screeching. That isn't going to help him.

Fortieth: Stephens finds Franklin running into the box with a quality through ball. Franklin takes a touch but that is to much as Basanta is there and shepherds the ball out of bounds.

Forty-Third: Cudicini saves de Nigris! Nice build up from Monterrey as they are able to find de Nigris at the top of the six yard box. A diving Gonzalez disrupts the play a little bit and Cudicini is in good position. Shit defense from LA on Ayovi and Suazo during that build up. PAY ATTENTION TO THOSE TWO.

Forty-Sixth: A Monterrey back header almost turns into disaster as Donovan is lurking and challenges Ibarra for the ball. Ibarra wins the ball.


Both teams could have been exploited that half. LA has to do better on their set pieces if they want to even think about getting into this game. Monterrey needs to take better advantage of the lax marking of Ayovi and Suazo in the midfield. Anytime Juninho wants to show up and remind everyone that he is a solid defensive mid would be nice. Gonzalez had a great half as did his counter part Basanta.

Second Half

Forty-Eighth: Robbie Keane continues to be a waste of space as he is looking for fouls THAT NEVER GET CALLED. EVER. IN ANY LEAGUE. EVER. Terrible performance from him so far.

Fifty-First: de Nigris lurking but is clearly offsides as the ball comes in. Good call. Shameful work from de Nigris as he needed to be better there.

LA really need Mike Magee right now. Badly. No one is creating.

Fifty-Second: Delgado finds de Nigris in the box but Gonzalez hook tackles the ball away. That certainly would have been a goal if Gonzalez doesn't make that tackle. Great play from the US Nat.

Fifty-Fourth: Monterrey pushing for a goal and have earned a corner. Initially cleared away. Eventually goes out for another corner. Next corner is headed out for another corner.

Fifty-Fifth: Next corner is cleared away but Monterrey retain possession. Delgado gets free on the wing, his low cross is cut out. He gets the ball back on the wing and from there it pings around and Monterrey continues to hold possession.

Fifty-Sixth: LA FINALLY WIN POSSESSION BACK! Good spell for Monterrey. Donovan gets the ball at the top of the box. Hesitates. Sees Keane making a run and promptly has his pass deflected. Donovan's decision making is a step slow.

Fifty-Seventh: Gonzalez again with a great defensive play. This time on Suazo.

Fifty-Eighth: LA is starting to fall apart. Keane is completely frustrated and starting to look disinterested. Lazy pass ends up in a turnover as Keane wasn't looking for the return pass. LA needs a sub immediately. Cut to Mike Magee getting prepped on the sidelines.


Sixtieth: Mike Magee on. Todd Dunivant off. LA going for it as they should. Please Mike be good.

Sixty-First: Chupete is given ALL THE SPACES and just dribbles the ball right up the middle of the field. He ends up making a poor pass but WHAT THE FUCK LA? This game is there for either team to take. Monterrey is, inexplicably, the more aggressive of the two teams.

Sixty-Second: LA starts to wake up. Keane gets the ball and hits his cross a bit long for Donovan to get on the end of. THAT WAS BETTER.

Sixty-Third: The pace has picked up. Up and down soccer here. At one end Cardoza is ruled off-sides as he bursts past the LA back-line. Borderline call but it looked correct to me. On the other end Keane gets a cross from Franklin that is just a foot to high for him to get his head on.

Sixty-Fourth: JUNINHO SHOWS UP! Making an incredible tackle on a wide open Cordozo in the box and clears the ball for a corner.

Sixty-Fifth: Suazo goes for the OLIMPICO off the corner but Cudicini is able to just keep it out. AYE AYE.

LA's attacking kids should be coming on soon. Villarreal and McBean should both come on. Good experience for them.

Sixty-Sixth: Chupete  gets the ball outside the box, one times it. Diving save from Cudicini. This game is really good right now.

Sixty-Ninth: Michael Stephens off. Jose Villarreal on.

Seventieth: Delagarza covers for Cudicini as the shot squirts through his hands but is headed out by AJ. OH MY~!

Seventy-First: LA with a goal kick that is taken short and then hit back to Cudicini who then hits a terrible long ball that ends up with Monterrey. Who ends up earning a corner out of the whole thing. Shockingly inept build from the back.

Keane is starting to drop deep into the midfield to get the ball and create. Good response from the captain.

Seventy-Second: LA just can't connect outside the box. Counter attack is on as Delgado tries to keep Cudicini but it fails. This game is getting stretched as LA goes for it.

Seventy-Third: KEANE FINALLY GETS A CALL. In the midfield but still.

Seventy-Sixth: Sean Franklin hits an absolutely terrible pass to Donovan. COME ON. LA's build from the back off of goal kicks continues to be awful. Again they try it short but it just ends up with a long ball from Cudicini. I don't get what they are trying to do.

Eightieth: LA can barely get the ball out of their end off the goal kick. This most recent one ends up with a Suazo attempt on goal.

Leonardo off. Jack McBean on. LA goes to three in the back. All his goal scorers are on the field.

Eighty-First: GOAL DE NIGRIS~! FANS GO CRAZY! He gets a quick pass from Delgado and de Nigris hits the ball RIGHT THROUGH CUDICINI'S LEGS. Hilariously bad keeping. It isn't all on Cudicini but this should have been saved. If LA scores two goals we would go to extra time now instead of LA winning outright. OUR ANNOUNCERS ARE CLUELESS TO THIS FACT.

Eighty-Third: Keane chips it across towards the six yard box but Ibarra is there to collect.

Eighty-Fourth: Donovan finds McBean wide open. McBean takes too much time and gets the ball deflected away! COMPLETELY BLOWN CHANCE. Wow.

HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THE SCORING WORKS FOX SOCCER ANNOUNCERS? ALL YOU DO IS CALL SOCCER. HOW IS THIS HARD? IF LA SCORES TWO GOALS WE WOULD GO TO EXTRA TIME. They aren't but being able to explain the situation would be helpful in case something crazy happens. As we all know that never happens in Champions league style competitions.

Eighty-Sixth: McBean is getting into dangerous positions but his teammates are unable to pass him the ball. McBean gets a yellow for a fucking dive. Unfortunate for McBean.

Eighty-Eighth: McBean gets his head on the ball. It is pretty clear he should have come in earlier. His size is causing issues. Too little too late for LA.

Ninetieth: Three time wasting subs from Monterrey.

Ninety-First: OMAR GONZALEZ CONTINUES TO BE KING SIZED. What a great game for him tonight. His teammates did not bring the ruckus but he certainly did.


LA had their opportunities tonight. Some sloppy play and poor defensive midfield work from Juninho did them in. Keane let himself get frustrated and didn't start dropping deep into the midfield until late in the game. I am a bit surprised that Villarreal didn't start but it is a minor quibble.

Santos vs Monterrey is going to be one HELL of a two leg final. Monterrey will be looking for their THIRD consecutive CCL trophy. This will be a rematch of last year's final. OH MY GOD PEOPLE THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!