The Robbie Rogers thing

Unsurprisingly Robbie Rogers doesn't want to play in Chicago. That he wants to play for the Galaxy isn't shocking. Lets be honest with ourselves. The Fire aren't one of the better run MLS franchises right now. You can make a convincing argument that they may actually be one of the worst in terms of building an on the field product. The only players that express interest in playing for Chicago are guys we seemingly won't/can't sign. Carlos Bocanegra and DeMarcus Beasley being prime examples of former Fire players that we wouldn't pony up the money or move up far enough in the allocation order for. The Galaxy ARE the best run franchise in MLS. They spend money, bring in high-profile players that help market the league. They employ one of the best US coaches in history who happens to have World Cup experience under his belt. Oh by the way they also just won back to back MLS Cups. Toss in the fact that Rogers is a west coast kid and you can see the appeal.

Remember that the Fire gave the Galaxy permission to have Rogers in camp. One would think that you wouldn't do that without discussing the parameters of a deal would you? Consider that from the very moment that Rogers rights were acquired it was viewed as another trade chip. He was ALWAYS rumored to end up on the west coast.

Robbie Rogers is a young kid with a giant ego about his last few years abroad. He had a total of FOUR appearances for Leeds and then SIX while on loan with STEVENAGE (a League one club in England). One wonders how much he will be able to contribute this year or even next. I realize he is a big story and a young player with a decent amount of talent. Yet how good can he be without playing in the same midfield as someone the quality of a Guillermo Barros Schelotto? His career has been on nothing but a downward trajectory since Schelotto stopped passing him the ball.

This situation has several similarities to that of the Brian McBride saga of 2008. A not very good team holds the rights to a returning MLS player that a very good team wants. The not very good club held out for as much as possible. In 2008 that was Chad Barrett, a 1st round pick and allocation dollars.

The Fire should have and hopefully did demand Mike Magee in return for Rogers rights. Magee is a logical choice for the Fire. A guy with Chicago ties who can score goals and play in the midfield. This year Magee's goal total has exploded as he benefited from the absence of Landon Donovan and playing next to Robbie Keane.  Will Rogers net as much for the Fire as McBride did for TFC? I doubt it. Rogers isn't as good as McBride. Odds are Magee (who was instrumental in both MLS Cup runs and is a fantastic player in general) will stay in LA. Rogers will stay in limbo for a while until the Fire get whatever they feel is enough to move his rights. If it was up to me I would trade the kid and get as much as I could and call it a day.   He isn't the type of on field player that is going to make a difference for the Fire.