Magee game winning goal breakdown

Scoring goals is awesome. Lets take a look at how an off the ball run by Quincy Amarikwa led to the Fire winning on Saturday.

First things first. Patrick Nyarko is awesome and you fuck with him at your own peril.

Nyarko after shoulder tackle

At this point the Fire get to launch what is basically a counter attack that starts in the Philly defensive third. EXCELLENT.

run pulls three defenders

Look at how this play develops. Three attackers have made themselves available. From left to right: Duka, Magee, and Amarikwa. All to Patrick's left hand side. With Dan Paladini trailing the play. You can see Amarikwa smartly starting his run towards the far post.  That run pulls the remaining defender towards him. While the other two Philly defenders are focused on Nyarko.  The next closest defender has not even caught up to Duka at this point.

magic mike left wide open

LOOK AT ALL THAT SPACE FOR MAGIC MIKE! You can see clearly Amarikwa's defender saying "FUCK" while he turns around a beaten man. Kudos to Patrick for making this pass look so easy.

quincy continues run towards far post

Duka has pulled back on his run. Amarikwa continues to work towards the far post. Paladini looks to be continuing his run into the box. Nyarko is in a prime spot to crash for a long rebound. EXCELLENT TEAM SPACING.

quincy wide open

Look at Quincy still ready for a pass or deflected rebound opportunity. Good effort towards the back post and he has beaten his defender. Of note Paladini has continued his run and looks ready to crash the spot for a rebound. Patrick has pulled back into the right. Solid positioning all around.

disco baby


Quincy makes a great run and frees up space for Mike. Amarikwa (fuck yeah) should continue to get more minutes with plays like this.