Podcast de mi Vida #20: Fire and Blood

The Fuego crew is back this week to discuss the Fire’s 2-1 away win in Philadelphia, offer a rebuttal to a certain editorial about the Designated Player situation leading to a discussion about the failing philosophy of player acquisition, preview the US Open Cup Semi-Final against D.C. United, and, of course, the usual Tweets and Huddalis Also, Nick is still on assignment making the pinnacle of television, Elle makes a frightening analogy, Tweed and Elle nerd out on Game of Thrones references, Gregg and Elle admire the handsome duo of Joe Tollefson and Nick Fedora, Rudy gets his boy bands mixed up, and Tweed reaches a new low by mispronouncing the name of the podcast.

Host: Gregg Mixdorf Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Tweed Thornton, Stephen Piggott, Elle Harrer Producer: Nick Fedora

[audio http://fuegodemivida.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/fuego-ep-20.mp3] TRT: 67:58