Dude Wrote What?!?

Dan Lobring wrote one of his well regarded editorials. Bravely published around 8:15 PM on a Wednesday night, Lobring draws upon his months of Fire history and reminds all Fire fans what it is like to be part of the family. Chastising all for the actions of one. A bold stand that has been critically lauded by the press and US Soccer community. twitter hilariousness












Let me rephrase that. Andrew Hauptman is pissed that a few fans (one?) heckled him after that horrifying US Open Cup Semi Final loss. Thus the editorial being published. Unfortunately (fortunately?) this "editorial" has completely failed. The Fire are the laughingstock of the league this morning. Dan Lobring is taking the brunt of the reaction. This tweet from ECS is what most it looks like.

ecs fab















I found this tweet from an LA Galaxy supporter to be damning and insightful.

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Look! Even an MLS "investor" gets in on the action as well.

more fab








I kind of feel bad for Lobring. He has the tough task of replacing the well regarded Brendan Hannan. Hannan left for the sunnier (and hopefully greener) pastures of the LA Galaxy earlier this year. Sadly he decided to take shots at people who criticized his hire on day one. Instead of showing those people up with hard work and humility he instead takes to writing the following:

 I’m a new Chicago Fire fan, having been hired to oversee communications for the club just six months ago. But according to some folks, I was also a “shitty hire.” The only professional experience (“zero soccer experience”) I have is “promoting a video game” and I do “not belong leading the Communications department.

Additionally, I also “need to shave.” To be fair, that one is true, but my wife thinks I look weird totally clean shaven. To be fairer, all of the other statements might also be true, but I would like the opportunity to prove how shitty I am first. To be fairest of all, maybe I already have proven it six months into the job.

But I’m more interested in learning what made me a shitty hire on day one? What brought about the warm reception from a vocal few as I was introduced as a new member of the “Fire family?” My best guess is that because I work for an owner who is supposedly “cheap,” “doesn’t care,” and only sees the team as a “toy.” Or maybe it’s because I’m joining a front office staff that just “doesn’t get it” or only makes “bad decisions.”

Really? Yikes.

Criticizing his experience is valid (view his Linked In to decide for yourself ). MLS isn't a start up anymore and fans desiring experienced soccer professionals to work with in their front office isn't surprising. In an open editorial to your fan base you may not want to indicate that you feel like a failure six months into your job. What possessed him to publish all of that?

Lobring is wielding the hatchet because that is what Andrew Hauptman wants him to do. Nothing of this nature would be published without Hauptman's explicit approval. His thin skinned approach to owning this team has grown more apparent over the years. The past two Lobring editorials are prime examples of this. In the past there would be a "leak" or off the record conversations with bloggers that were perceived as friendly.  When that process became obvious he moved to these editorials. Why he won't write his own is a mystery to me. If you want to talk to the fan base have the guts to use your own words.

As a long time Fire fan I am incredibly disappointed in my club today. This is unfortunately becoming more common than I like. Season ticket renewal showed up in my mailbox a few days ago. I don't know how to show my displeasure with the current direction of the club other than to not renew.