Winning as a MetroStar is hard

That lovable and handsome rapscallion Graham Parker wrote about Jason Kreis and how his success was being considered "unremarkable". Read the entire article. It is, as usual, top notch from Graham. The following passage lays out the foundation:

And yet Kreis finished third — perhaps, it could be argued, because the novelty of his achievements at RSL has worn off, for an MLS audience weaned on novelty and now grown blasé about his consistent parity-defying achievements. In a perverse way, it’s a backhanded compliment to what is after all a young coach (he’ll turn 41 at the end of the month) that Kreis, at RSL, gets treated as part of the MLS furniture — arguably only Bruce Arena lives with the same sort of routinely high expectations that seem to become invisible the minute they’re exceeded.

Now I'm just an MLS supporter who watches a lot of league games. I'm one of the few who managed to work a Chivas USA home game onto my schedule this season. Hell I'll even listen to Taylor Twellman when I have to. Not willingly mind you. But 'weaned on novelty'? Shots fired, Graham.

I would say that Kreis is an acknowledge top shelf coach in the league. Does he sit right below Bruce? Yes. Has his success been remarked upon by league fans this season? Yes. RSL was in what was being acknowledged as a rebuilding season. They hit on almost all of their younger additions to the starting lineup while keeping the top performers of the 2012 core. Rimando, Morales and Borchers in particular. Most people respect and acknowledge that. It is, indeed, a great achievement. One that Kreis should receive a very healthy contract for. Which it sounds like he will be getting.

Yet Kreis' third place finish in coach of the year voting was deserved. He did lose the US Open Cup final at home to a historically horrific DC United squad. That temporarily put RSL's entry into the beloved CONCACAF Champions League into jeopardy. He did not win the Supporter's Shield either (or the Western Conference regular season for that matter). While his team was impressive this year it was easily the third or fourth best team going into the playoffs. Results matter. Well they should.

The great injustice of the coach of the year voting was not done to Jason Kreis but to Mike Petke. All Petke did was take a historically futile franchise and lead them to hoisting the Supporter's Shield. Let me say that one more time. An original MLS team, that had been bought and controversially rebranded, whose fans suffered through Lothar Matthäus, Hans Backe, Red Bull ownership, and untold heartbreak that only a longtime supporter could fully understand finally win a league trophy. How is what anyone else did as an MLS coach equal to that? Oh wait a regular season Western Conference title is apparently better to the people that vote on this sort of thing.

Not only did Petke win it all. He did this at the age of 37, becoming one of the most successful first year coaches in MLS history. He won as someone birthed by the NY Metro Stars/Red Bull organization! An almost unthinkable achievement. Petke has a healthy 169 appearances for the club. He started and finished his career there. With stops in DC and Colorado for good measure.

He had money that Kreis didn't you say? He started Jonny Steele for much of the season. JONNY STEELE people. A Jason Kreis cast away (and Baltimore Blast alumn) that Petke took and molded into a 32 game starter who logged 2600 minutes. Getting 5 goals and 6 assists out of. Yeah he had Henry but he also had to play and get good performances out of guys like Steele because of cap concerns.

Porter's achievements this year pale in comparison to the historic awesomeness that was Mike Petke. Porter had a great year. Unfortunately he didn't win any trophies and Petke did. If Kreis can salt away the MLS Cup only then does he have a sliver of an argument to unseat Petke's heroic and historic year.