Podcast de mi Vida #31: Fuego Vortex

The gang checks in during the frozen vortex or whatever it's called to talk about the hiring of Frank Yallop and the rest of the coaching staff, revive the Player Insanity segment, take a quick glance across the roster, briefly talk about the pre-season agenda, and, of course, the usual Tweets and Huddalis. Also, the 2014 podcast season starts in classic Fuego fashion, Elle slept in, Nick is watching foreign art house movies for an audio project, Stephen gets snuggly in bed, Rudy joins the show in progress, Stephen’s phone blows up like usual, Rudy plans his away travel, Stephen urges Gregg to write his Rum Diary while in Tucson, Rudy and Stephen want to smother the dear and beautiful Joey Tollefson with love, and the gang dreams up their perfect date with Nick.

Host: Gregg Mixdorf Panelists: Rudy Gomez, Tweed Thornton, Stephen Piggott Producer: Nick Fedora

[audio http://fuegodemivida.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/fuego-ep-31.mp3] TRT: 71:59