Super Drafts of Yore - SPREADSHEET STYLE!

Joey Tollefson put in a mountain of work analyzing super drafts of yore via a very detailed spreadsheet. While not entirely complete it is a very interesting data set to look at. It includes data on minutes played in the first three years of a super draftee's career, a look at the current U20 squad and where they are came from, Homegrown signings, all previous Fire drafts including current players and the year they were selected, and even amount of draft picks verses amount of teams. At the minimum this gives you something to pour over as we await the draft to start. If you really start to look at the (not entirely complete but fairly close) data presented here you can see how and when the league started evolving in terms of the draft and amount of teams.  Enjoy the fruits of Joey's labor!

Fuego Article- MLS SuperDraft