Quick and Filthy - Lacking effort

David Accam showcases his poor approach to defending set pieces. While Afful's shot should have been saved by Sean Johnson, David's lackadaisical run at Afful allows the shot to be struck easily. Brandon Vincent is farther away and almost gets there in time. To add insult to injury David peels off before the shot is taken.

The second goal is from the run of play.  Notably off a Sean Johnson goal kick that looks like a pass intended for Justin Meram instead of someone in a Fire shirt. David Accam's lack of hustle is noted here as he doesn't go after Sean's wayward goal kick. Take a good look at Fire #7 John Goosens and note he does not track back to defend Meram after the pass. You can see Kappelhof point at Meram and call out the coverage. You can argue this was for Thiam but Goosens trotting in the park leaves everyone out to dry. 

Goosens defensive embarrassment continues as he takes a bad angle to make a goal saving tackle after being even with the player as the ball is passed. All credit to John for tracking back with gusto and attempting to make a defensive play. The same can not be said for several Fire players post set piece. Another lazy track back from David Accam is notable as he has speed to burn and should have been more involved in the play.