Quick and Filthy: Comedy and Quality

Playing catch up here after time away. We start with the 10/13/16 game versus Columbus. 

The opening goal is nothing but a comedy of errors. First off Arturo starts us off with a RIDICULOUSLY bad turnover. An under cooked ball to Kapplehof puts the Fire defense in a bad but not unrecoverable position. That is until Joao decides to come to the ball leaving his man completely wide open. A fundamentally stupid decision as Campbell was there to slow the entire play down with help arriving shortly. We are now left with Sean Johnson as the last line of defense. He doesn't leave his six to cut down the angle and promptly gets five-holed for the goal. This was a gift, wrapped in bright shiny paper. 

Our first goal for the Fire in this match comes on a deft chip from Michael Parkhurst. One of the nicest own goals you will ever see. This all develops because Arshakyan can't control the ball and it goes off his knee right to Parkhurst. No one looked good except for Alvarez as he hit a nice ball. 

The Fire take the lead through some solid offensive play. You can see the quality build up play from Cocis, Solignac, and Polster. Polster's big swing pass is well hit and the best option he has. The overlapping run for Kapplehof forces the second defender to remain honest as Alvarez beats his man into the box.  Arturo hits a nice pass behind the defenders that de Leeuw finishes with ease. Quality work from all involved. 

More offensive quality comes from Columbus this time. They get the results from an Adam Jahn wonder strike after a contested pass sneaks through to him. Hard to fault the Fire defense on this one.