Quick and Filthy: Tombstone

This painfully idiotic season has come to a close in appropriate fashion. 

The Fire get on the board first. All credit to Alvarez and de Leeuw for taking advantage of the shoddy defense. Michael Bradley was incredibly lazy and didn't bother to do his man marking. Also the goal keeper should have kept his legs closed. 

Toronto earn a penalty as Joao steps on Gio's foot and gets an atomic reaction from the diminutive dynamo. It is easily slotted past McLain. 

McLain got his first start in goal at the MLS level. One of the few forward thinking moves of the final three games. His inexperience showed as he got caught in no man's land against one of the league's best. He didn't embarrass himself but the lack of making a play on the original ball cost him this goal. 

The third Toronto goal is less about Toronto and more about how badly Joao covers and communicates with Jonathan Campbell. Campbell's touch lets him down as he turns the ball over. He drifts capably back to his defensive position but does not get ball side on his man. Joao effectively does nothing and Campbell is again left cleaning up the messes of his more senior partner. He can not do so and McLain is beaten again. 

The Fire pull one back and try to make this look respectable. A nice ball from Campbell to a fresh Calistri(!) who then slots it to Vincent. Vincent one times an excellent cross that goes off the back of Cocis' head. The ball finds its way to Goosens and he slots it home. Nice finish but the more impressive part of this play was Calistri's touch and Vincent's cross.